Mid-Atlantic Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Reviews bed and breakfast establishments in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.A., as well as the B&B industry itself.

This paper provides a review of the mid-Atlantic bed and breakfast industry, through a survey of various bed and breakfast owners and a review of the success of bed and breakfast start-ups in the region. This review includes data on the general employment and unemployment rates in the mid-Atlantic region and a discussion of the reasons for displacement from the manufacturing industry. A review of the pros and cons of entering into a new bed and breakfast establishment, or entering into an established bed and breakfast are then also presented. A short review of the skills and requirements that are necessary to run a successful bed and breakfast establishment is also presented. Finally, a discussion of the merits of entering into the trade is presented.

We have also seen, however, through a telephone interview with a high-ranking official at the United States Bed and Breakfast Association, that the number of bed and breakfast establishments in the mid-Atlantic region decreased by over 25% in the previous four years, and that the main reason he could see for the failure of this number of businesses was a failure on the part of the owners to devote themselves, wholly and efficiently, to the setting up and day-to-day running of their bed and breakfast establishment.