Homosexuality and the Media

An exploration of the depiction of homosexuality in the media.

This paper examines how the media plays a prominent role in modern society and how the depiction of controversial topics such as racism, sexism and homophobia tends to influence social values, often to an inflammatory degree. In particular, it looks at how recently, an increasing amount of films and television programs have focused on homosexuality and how depictions of homosexuality in the media have not only affected how others view homosexuals, but also how gay people see themselves and the rights that they have. Outline Homosexuality in Film since the 1890's Ignoring the Issue: Censorship Homosexuality as the Subject of Laughter Homosexuality and Violence Conclusion

During the 1990's and the first years of the new millennium, homosexuality has become an increasingly prominent issue in the media. The most controversial issue currently is same-sex marriages, forbidden by law in several states. Not allowing homosexual people to have rights is a type of censorship resulting from willfully ignoring the issue. General society is often not comfortable with the issue of homosexuality because it is either ignored or maligned by the media. Advertisements, television programs and indeed films featuring homosexuality is the exception rather than the rule. The consequences of ignoring the issue however is that the fundamental rights promised by the Constitution to every citizen are becoming a travesty of its original intention (Erwin).